Colorado Fall Colors 

Hi there!

I will come back to this, but I just wanted to ask… Are there fall colors where you are? I’d love to see them! I’m heading back to the Midwest after spending a week in Colorado where I realized

  1. how beautiful the yellow Aspens are and
  2. how lucky we are to have deciduous trees in Missouri that give us not only yellow in the fall, but vibrant red and crisp orange as well!

Here are some of the photos from my work annual summit retreat at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, CO… Elevation 8,000 feet above sea level! (More details to come)


Ciao bellas 😘

4 Qualities to Look for in a Travel Buddy

I just wrote my first feature for Pink Pangea and here it is! 


Who you travel with can make or break a trip. Whether it’s a work trip, or a vacation, or even just a trip with a set purpose, like a bachelorette party or a bar mitzvah, consider certain things in your travel buddy.

Traveling for work used to bring the added stress of, “Who am I traveling with this week?” For a past position, this essentially decided whom I was going to spend the next 3-5 days in the hot sun in the middle of Illinois for 12 hours at a time with. It’s easy to get on one another’s nerves in those situations. One spring break I took a trip to the Bahamas with close friends, but there was a mutual respect issue about halfway through the trip that made the last few days stressful, tense and lonely. There have been opposite situations as well. I’ve gone on work trips with a near stranger and come back with a loyal friend.

Thankfully, I’ve learned from my experiences, and can be more prepared when choosing a partner for future trips. Here are some qualities to consider when choosing your next travel buddy: Continue Reading