Creature Comforts beer tasting

Athens, the US Edition

During my time in St. Louis, I met a girl who had a HUGE impact on my life. She taught me to love who I am and where I am from, and she taught me to do what makes me happy. You might be familiar with her work. This girl has an endearing love for her college town, … Continue reading Athens, the US Edition

4 Qualities to Look for in a Travel Buddy

I just wrote my first feature for Pink Pangea and here it is!  Who you travel with can make or break a trip. Whether it’s a work trip, or a vacation, or even just a trip with a set purpose, like a bachelorette party or a bar mitzvah, consider certain things in your travel buddy. … Continue reading 4 Qualities to Look for in a Travel Buddy

Not Home for the Holidays

Starting a new job and moving to a new city is fun and stressful. Everything has been hunky dory with my new job, and living in Kansas City is a new experience every day, but there is one thing that has really been eating at me this time of year... (and no, it's not the … Continue reading Not Home for the Holidays

hostels are a great place to meet people

5 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” –Neale Donald Walsch By: Gena Perry Have you ever found cheap airfare or hotel accommodations for an awesome trip but couldn’t find a friend to go with you? I’m here to tell you that the next time you find yourself in this situation, book that flight for … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

Buffalo City, Arkansas

As much as I love traveling and finding new places and trying new things, that doesn't mean I'm invincible to homesickness. It's one of the two things I'm not invincible to actually. The other is strep. Homesickness and Strep can both take me down in a hot minute. Not only am I missing home (and … Continue reading Buffalo City, Arkansas

Arkansas Roots

Born and raised an Arkansas girl, I have decided to share pieces of my home state in small "tidbits." Capturing my life's worth of experiences in the Natural State would make for an UBER long blog post... The first tidbit is a taste of my family history. This gate is the entrance to one of … Continue reading Arkansas Roots