Watch Sea Turtles Hatch

I’ve always been into turtles. They have their own vibe and seem to be a little more accepted than your typical reptile.

During my internship in Hilton Head, South Carolina in 2010, I learned that I had just missed the sea turtles. They had all hatched and gone off into the world before I made it down there. It was then that I put this experience on my bucket list.

There are quite a few places along the southeastern coast of the US that you can watch this phenomenon if you go during the correct time of the year.

Bonaire and Jekyll Island are two of them. Make sure that if you plan on doing this, you follow all the guidelines to keep the baby sea turtles safe, and give them the best chance of making it to adulthood.

Have any of you been able to watch baby sea turtles hatch before? 

Gosh they are SO cute! (Photo from Bonaire's website, linked above)
Gosh they are SO cute! (Photo from Bonaire’s website, linked above)


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