About the SWFtraveler

Hi there! I’m Kala, the founder of SWFtraveler, a hilarious and helpful guide to traveling the world from the perspective of a single white female.

I’m not a full-time traveler like other travel bloggers you may have seen.

I’ve got a full-time gig that I don’t plan on dropping the security of anytime soon. Things are always changing so I’m not ruling it out, but this blog is to highlight the travels of a person (me!) that travels on vacation days with her out of office on. I’m just your normal college grad slowly working  my way through my career, which sometimes seems like more of an obstacle course than a ladder, and taking every chance I can to self-improve.

When people ask me what my hobbies are, this blog is one of them, but my favorite hobby is going somewhere I’ve never been before. Welcome to my adventures in travel, from farms towns in Iowa to the beach in Greece, I hope you will enjoy what lies ahead.  Also find me on Twitter and Instagram, or introduce yourself below!

You can call me Captain.

You can call me Captain.

Member of the International Travel Writer’s Alliance.

2 thoughts on “About the SWFtraveler

  1. coastalbeach says:

    Thanks for the Follow. I was intrigued by your blog as I am a world traveler and amateur photographer. Although my blog is about primarily Depression and Anxiety, I exist to travel and escape to new places.

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